Why Us

What is Grabet?

We started grabet with only one and only aim- To be the most valuable food delivery service in Turks and Caicos.We have made a good headway in this direction as a number of Restaurants and Food places have joined hands with us to provide our customers with great food. You can find a number of cuisines and restaurants in your area. All you need to do is to order the stuff you need and it will be delivered to you in fraction of the time it would have taken you to get it yourself.

Why select Grabet?

  • Variety: We allow you to buy a number of freshly prepared meals from a number of restaurants. So when you choose us, you will never have limited choices
  • Ease of Use: The website of grabet is quite easy to use. You can just let us know your location and get details of all the food options available near you
  • Safe: We will never steal your information or your bank details. We have strong security shields in place to make sure that your data remains safe with us
  • Simple Payments: We provide multiple payment option to our customers so that they can order the food and pay for it in the way they prefer
  • Great Deals: You can always find great discounts and money saving deals regularly updated at our website. They will help you save some bucks while you indulge in food you love
  • Constant Support: We have an excellent customer support team that will help you understand and use our website in the best possible manner
  • Total control: We give you total control over your food orders and make sure that the food delivered is always freshly prepared